New staff and Rusty’s departure

Who says you can't braze while wearing a purple cast?

Who says you can’t braze while wearing a purple cast?

With Rusty moving on to mountain biking country in New Mexico, we’ve added Rosanna to the staff at the shop. Not only is she an accomplished bicycle mechanic with nearly a decade of shop experience, she is also a licensed race mechanic and a studied frame builder. So basically, you want her to work on your bike as soon as possible. She has been a great friend of the Comrades for many a year and we’re excited to have her helping out.

Repair Schedule


Spring is here and we’re swimming in repairs, but we’ve been able to keep the turnaround time to a minimum. We always have time for a same-day quick repair on simpler jobs to get you back on your bike. On bigger jobs like a tune-up or wheel rebuild, we’re never more than a week away from having your bike back to you. You can also schedule a drop off time if you can’t be without your bike for more than a day. Come by for a free assessment and we’ll figure out what you need and get you scheduled for a time.

As always, airing your tires, lubing your chain, and assessing what repairs your bike needs are free services. If you’re not sure if you need a tune up or not, we’re happy to sort out what you need and go over it with you.

Happy New Year

What an old year as well. The past four weeks have been a whirlwind of bicycle races, temperature fluctuations, mixed precipitation, automobile malfunctions, family, friends, and celebrations. With all the love our tiny bike shop’s lil’ heart can muster we are thankful for the last year and eager to start the new one.

We’ve got lots of ideas on how to make 2013 more awesome than 2012. Let us know your ideas too because we couldn’t have done it without you and it’ll be a hard year to top!

Now let’s eat some brunch!

This would be pretty rad!

Foundry Cycles is looking for people to seed with their bicycles (or as they call them “tools”). You would get to ride an amazing new speed machine for the price of spreading the good word of riding hard, feeling good, and loving it! Now go catch that frost group ride.
There may be a use for that helmet cam after all!

Ride on comrades.