May Day 2016

Hello Comrades,

The shop will be closed Sunday May 1st for International Worker’s Day (May Day). Our regular hours will resume on Monday May 2nd.

If you wanted to celebrate the sacrifices workers have made for the 8 hour day, child labor restrictions, weekends, etc, in good company and support a wonderful non-for-profit we suggest swinging by the National Lawyers Guild‘s fundraiser party Saturday April 30th.

I’d also suggest stopping by the library in search of Carl Sandburg’s Chicago Poems. 1916. 


This would be pretty rad!

Foundry Cycles is looking for people to seed with their bicycles (or as they call them “tools”). You would get to ride an amazing new speed machine for the price of spreading the good word of riding hard, feeling good, and loving it! Now go catch that frost group ride.
There may be a use for that helmet cam after all!

Ride on comrades.