Something wrong with your bike but you aren’t sure what? No problem, we offer free assessments and estimates suited to your needs. We offer just about every bike repair service you can think of. Should you not need a full tune-up, we will quote a price for individual services. Below is a list of basic service and tune-up prices. Please feel free to read this FAQ before you call, e-mail, or stop by with any additional questions.

Flat Fix $17 (includes tube)

Wheel True $20

Wheel Build $60 single / $100 set

Basic Tune-Up $70
Adjustment of braking and shifting systems, headset, hubs, bottom bracket
Wheel true on bike
Chain lubrication
Tire inflation
Safety check
Installation of basic parts and accessories (chain, cassette, brake pads, light sets, etc)

Full Tune-Up $100
All of the services listed above, plus:
Full truing and tensioning of both wheels in a truing stand
Overhaul headset, bottom bracket, hub (sealed cartridge bearings replaced when necessary*)
Light cleaning
Other accessories installed (fenders, racks, computers, etc)

Overhaul $175
All of the services listed above, plus:
Full drive train cleaning or replacement*

*Prices are labor only and do not include parts. If your bike requires replacement parts, you will be consulted before we proceed with the repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait for my repair?

For more basic repairs like flat tires or individual issues like one brake or shifting adjustment, we do our best to complete the repair while you wait. For more extensive repairs which take more time or require special parts, we may schedule your repair for a future date. During peak season, our turnaround time usually fluctuates between 7 and 14 days.

Do I have to leave my bike at the shop if it needs to be scheduled?

If your bike needs to be scheduled but is in safe riding condition, you have the option of leaving the bike with us until your scheduled date, or keeping the bike so you can ride it in the meantime and bringing it back the day before you have been scheduled.

How much will it cost to tune up my bike?

Because every bike is different, we can’t quote you over the phone or by email. We offer free assessments and a thorough quote when you bring your bike into the shop for service. Many bikes which have been stored well for the winter simply need air in the tires, some lube on the chain, and a safety check, all of which is free at Comrade Cycles. If your bike does require a service, we will give you an estimate and schedule your repair at that time.

Do I need to call ahead to schedule an appointment?

We do not schedule repairs over the phone. Without seeing your bike, we won’t know how much work it needs or what parts we may need to order, so feel free to drop by any time with your bike for a free assessment.