Fat Pursuit 200 mile setup

On January 5th I (Bailey) undertook a race that scared the heck outta me. A 200 mile race on fatbikes (defined as a bicycle with a minimum tire width of 3.8″) throughout the greater Yellowstone National Park ecosystem.

For those of you who know me, a 200 mile bike ride or race isn’t terribly out of the ordinary. But those of you who know me well also know that my previous attempt at a winter ultra distance race, the Tuscobia 160 in early 2016, went terribly. I ended frostbitten and defeated, pulling the plug a mere 30 miles to the finish. This is one of very few ultra races I’ve pulled out of and it left a sore spot. I was determined to make it through this time.

Rather than blabber on about the details of the race, I’d rather use this post to go over the gear that got me through to a seventh place finish. If you’d like to hear, in exhaustive detail, my story of the race please stop by for a coffee and a chat. I’d love to share! Until then, here is the bike and gear setup for 200 backcountry miles in the mountains.

The bike:

My trusty Salsa Cycles Beargrease. Other than rebuilding tubeless compatible Surly Other Brother Darryl rims this thing is bone stock.

J Paks GravelPak:

and unpacked:

Here we have; the seat bag, a Patagonia UltraLight down jacket, 2 pairs of knee high 45NRTH socks, 1 pair of DeFeet Woolie Boolie knee high socks, a 45NRTH Greazy Cap, a 45NRTH Toasterfork balaclava, a 45NRTH wool t-shirt, 2 Smartwool long sleeve lightweight base layers, DeFeet wool duraglove, a lighter, a Vargo titanium multi-fuel stove and windscreen, and a small Optimus pot set.

Revelate Designs Gas Tank:


Just electronics. Battery pack, Spot Tracker, charging cables and a wall plug.

Muststache bags/Comrade Cycles feedbag:

It held my thermos:

Salsa/Revelate Designs framebag:


Denatured alcohol for my stove, inner tube, 2x batteries for Nite Rider headlight, spare AAA batteries, Crank Bros. multi tool, patch kit, tire lever, Lezyne pump, derailleur hanger.

Revelate Designs Sweetroll handlebar roll:


Black Diamond Twilight bivy, Big Agnes Pomer Hoit UL sleeping bag, Thermarest Z Lite sleeping pad, small.

Additionally I wore the Podiumwear Arrowhead jacket, a Smartwool light long sleeve base layer, Gore Alp-X bib tights, Gore Fusion 2.0 Gore-Tex pants, DeFeet Woolie Boolie knee high socks, Rab vapor barrier socks, 45NRTH Wulfgar boots, a 45NRTH Lung Cookie balaclava, Smartwool mittens inside Revelate Designs Expedition Pogies, and a Giro Air Attack helmet with a Black Diamond ReVolt headlamp mounted to the front. I also wore the Revelate Designs Wampak, a hydration pack specifically designed to keep water from freezing, between my base layer and jacket. It’s worth noting that most all my gear was used and swapped for dry layers at different points in the race.

Again, if ya got any questions I’d love to chat! Come on by the shop anytime.

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