The Ten Thousand 2020 #ridetenthousand

This year Freeport Bicycle Co and Comrade are posting the Ten Thousand route up as a solo ride challenge on

Why Ridespot? It’s from the fine folks at People for Bikes and we really like them, everybody likes them, plus they use your rider data to improve cycling. Once you set up a Ride Spot account you can join the challenge. You can use ride spot to tell a story about your ride and share pictures. We want to hear all about your ride.

As always, it’s self-supported. The route passes through two different towns where you can get supplies but if you have a mechanical or run out of food no one will be out there to help. Please overpack and overprepare! Run a little bigger tire, take an extra water bottle, bring those extra tools. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!

The ride does NOT start in Freeport, it starts at Joe Westwood Park 331 W. South St Pearl City IL.

It’s beautiful in the Driftless, take your time, take lots of pictures. Make your social media posts public so we can share. Use hashtag #ridetenthousand. Just to double verify you completed the route email your ride data to and email with any questions.

At the end of the challenge period we will draw names from the finisher list for some sick prizes! Prizes are not for fastest, just totally random male and female from the finisher list. We will also have a prize for the best ride story on

If you cheat and you win a prize we will find out and tell everyone –so when you show up to cycling events everyone will give you stern looks.

Two challenges are available a 50 mile and a 100 mile.

Check them out here, and after you sign in you can download the GPS files for your devices:
50 mile
100 mile
email with questions