Class: What’s the deal with disc brakes and tubeless tires?!

RSVP at the bottom of this page! Limited class size.

What’s the deal with disc brakes and tubeless tires?! Lots of new bikes are equipped with disc brakes and are capable of tubeless tire set-up. We’ve noticed a lot of customer anxiety over these newer technologies, and we’re here to demystify these two major advances you’ll find on lots of new bikes released in the past few years.

Join Steve, Sam, and Max for an evening of tech talk. Feel free to bring some snacks or beverages to share.

Class level: newbie to intermediate. This will be a very low-experience level discussion with some demonstrations and a healthy dose of Q&A. If you’ve never ridden tubeless, or are curious how to keep up with tubeless maintenance, have questions about the benefits of disc brakes vs rim brakes, this is the perfect intro.We’ll demonstrate setting up a tubeless tire with sealant, and do a quick tutorial on adjusting disc brakes. If you’re looking for a serious breakdown of metal vs resin pad brake fade on gnarly descents, this isn’t the class for you. Class size limited to 20, please RSVP to save your spot.