West Fest 2016

The time has come for West Fest on Chicago Avenue. This weekend (Saturday July 9th and Sunday July 10th) we are closed during the street festival. We will return to normal hours on Monday July 11th.

Have a good weekend.

Bailey heads out for the Tour Divide 2016


Bailey and his Tour Divide rig

It’s 9am on Saturday June 11th, and Bailey already has 150 miles of rugged Canadian terrain under his belt just 24 hours after starting the Tour Divide 2016 in wet and almost freezing conditions. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so let me back up.

The Tour Divide is a self supported mountain bike race spanning the full length of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, covering a total of 2768.4 miles with 200,000 feet of elevation gain. The route is the world’s longest off-pavement cycling route, mapped over the course of four years, and published in 1998 by the Adventure Cycling Association. Every year on the second Friday in June, a group of racers set off in the Grand Depart and attempts to complete the race as quickly as possible. The race is fully self supported, meaning there are no support vehicles for riders, no warm vans waiting at the end of the day to feed you and get your bike in shape for the following day. It is a test not only of speed and endurance, but of will and mental fortitude.

13443187_10208141723893064_1153209551234163978_oBailey set off yesterday on his single speed Salsa El Mariachi into the wilds of Canada for an epic and challenging adventure that will take him pedaling along the spine of our country’s continental divide. Watch his progress on the live tracking website trackleaders.com.  Read and hear a bit more from Bailey and his fellow riders at unlearnpavement.com.



Just taking it easy…

We are closed Sunday 5/29/16 for Gravel Metric and Monday 5/30/16 for Memorial Day. We return to our normal hours Tuesday 5/31/16! Gonna use this picture from a few Gravel Metrics ago because I still really like it. 

Gravel Metric 2016


This Sunday, May 29th, please join AXLETREE for the 2016 Gravel Metric. Gravel Metric is a 100 kilometer ride on some of DeKalb County’s finest gravel and B roads. Riders are encouraged to show up between 7:30 and 8:30 am; the ride will leave from 6805 Leland Road, Waterman, Illinois at 9:00 am sharp. Please bring a signed event waiver with you and PLENTY OF WATER, as there will not be water available at the event start and finish. When you arrive, we will have people to help pack cars in for parking purposes.


Full event details can be found here, and the Facebook event is here.


See you Sunday!




Salsa Cycles Demo

Ever wanted to feel what a real deal dual suspension mountain bike felt like on the trails but you live in Chicago? Today at the Palos Park staging area Bailey will be out with Salsa Cycles with bikes to demo! They’ll have the Redpoint, Horsethief, Bucksaw, Spearfish and Beargrease all ready to try out so don’t sleep on it. Here’s a link to the event – Salsa Demo