Tour Divide Recollections 

I’m not entirely certain how this all started. Dave Markman and I talked about it for a while, though I couldn’t tell you when that began. Bobby Wintle was off the walls with excitement, but how (and when) did I become involved in this? 

I suppose none of that matters now. At this point it’s been slightly more than a month since I left Banff. Antelope Wells was two weeks ago. All of this is just to say that the Tour Divide was an intensely strange experience for me. Returning home was all too natural. Answering questions regarding the trip left me feeling increasingly disconnected from my involvement in the race, as if it were some book I had read long ago and hadn’t considered for quite some time. 

Rather than scroll through the back pages of my mind trying to attach emotions to locations I struggle to recall, I’m going to leave photos. I’m certain I’ll arrive at a point wherein I can organize, collect, and put to words all the thoughts I’ve been hesitant to spend much time with, but this will not be that point. 


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